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Vertical Multi Stage Pump

Performance parameters of vertical multi stage pump:
1. Power: 0.5-60hp
2. Suction lift: 7-9m
3. Total head: 13-178m
4. Flow: 2.4-110 m3/h
5. Voltage and frequency: 110V/220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ (Customizable)

Where could we utilize vertical multi stage pump:
1. Our multistage pumps can be used to supply clean water for domestic, industrial and agricultural systems.
2. Used for circulating warm and cold water for air conditioning systems.
3. To increase the pressure of water supplying systems.
4. Our vertical multi-stage pumps provide good solutions for the water supply and drainage of fountains, wells, ditches, and any other low-laying places.
5. Used to irrigate gardens and fields, etc.

Application limits of a vertical multi stage pump:
1. Suction lift: 6-8m with foot valve
2. Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar.
3. Maximum ambient temperature: +40℃
4. Liquid temperature: +90℃
5. Maximum altitude: +1,000m

Design parameters of our vertical multi stage water pumps:
1. Pump body: Stainless steel
2. Impeller: Stainless steel/PPO/"General Electric" Noryl
3. Diffuser: Stainless steel/PPO/"General Electric" Noryl
4. Mechanical seal: Nbr/graphite/ceramic

Electrical motor parameters of vertical multi stage pump:
1. Single phase / three phase voltage
2. Motor housing: aluminum / cast iron.
3. Shaft: Welded stainless steel / stainless steel / carbon steel.
4. Insulation Class: B / F.
5. Protection class: IP44/IP54.
6. Speed: 2,850rpm.
7. Continuous operation: S1.
8. Thermal protector is available upon request.

Standards of vertical multistage pumps:
IEC 60034-1     IEC 335-1
IEC34-1             ISO 2548

We are a professional vertical multi stage pump manufacturer based in China. Besides multistage pumps, we can also produce self priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, slurry pumps, and regenerative pumps, and more. All of them feature reliable performance and long service life. As a result, they are widely used in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, U.A.E, Jordan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, and Italy, etc.
Welcome to choose our. We would be happy to receive a call from you.

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